EasyPost table design

large table design


Reasearch tool and users


Map out and group all attributes


Design table heirarchy


Test usability and legibility

EasyPost logged-out page experience redesign

EasyPost logged-out page experience redesign


Reasearch users, seo, competitors


Grow existing methods


Design new versions


Sudden concept changes

Grow and edit existing marketing methods

View prototype

Design round 1

3 new designs/concepts were tested against the marketing pages and existing pages. The current pages always did the worst, followed by marketing pages. The 3 additional concepts were:

  • Photo/people based – Best overall and mentioned favorite. It didn’t win the top spots necessarily, but participants loved it.
  • Graphic/3d illustrations – Overall best-rated based on relevant content. Illustrations also converted(sign up) the fastest. After internal discussion, we decide to pursue versions of this one.
  • Updated boxes – Most successful in getting user to tasked destination, without participation from 2 users, but internally people didn’t like its simplicity.

Logged-out page test

Logged-out page test results

Design new versions based on previous results

Design round 2

New concepts where flushed out to the page will need to produce to see how moving between them and overall flow would feel. There was no test, only multiple internal presentations to the Product team and Marketing team(at that time). After discussions and reviews we went on continuing to iterate the illustration/graphic one but wanting to add more of a people connection to humanize a bit since that performed well in the tests.

  • Photo/people based
  • Graphic/3d illustrations
  • Neon future
  • These walkthrough gifs below take a bit to load 🙂




Next round of design

Design round 3

We continued to flush out graphic style with the people elements and different colors per requests from stakeholders. We tested info hierarchy, design satisfaction and overall fav. 4 colors: Green per stakeholder 1, Blue per stakeholder 3, Fire and purplish per stakeholder others. Fire and purple went at it, came super close and purple won out by a smidge as the safer result for our brand.


Sudden concept change

Design round 4

A story best left for an in-person conversation 😉